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  • Alfheim: The Realm of the Light Elves. Home of Freyr. It is where Freyja sent her daughter (the first Oracle) to be protected from her vengeful husband, Odr.

  • Empire: A city, much like a kingdom, that is ruled over by a Patriarch instead of a king.

  • Dirae: Freyja’s army of female warriors. Guardians of the Oracle.

  • Freyja: Goddess of love and fertility. Freyr’s twin sister. Mother of Priti (the original Oracle) and commander of the Dirae.

  • Freyr: God of virility and prosperity. Freyja’s twin brother. Keeper of Alfheim.

  • Given: When the hand of a young woman is offered by her Patriarch to a Lykarthian Warrior as thanks for some service he provided to the empire or to honor the warrior for some other reason.

  • Helheim: The Realm of the Dead. Home of Hel and resting place of all her followers.

  • Kamalyens: Odr’s army. Descendants of Furies, who were chosen for the darkness within them and given the ability by Odr to shape-shift so they could wreak havoc on the humans that Odr’s brother, Odinn, loves so much.

  • Lykarthians: An all-male race of warriors who reside in the Black Mountains. They are known for their large size, their fierceness in battle, and their unusual eyes that glow a pale blue when they are in a rage. They are descendants of Odinn’s chosen warriors, the berserkers of olden times. Just like their ancestors, they are the protectors of the innocent.

  • Odinn: God of war. Father of the berserkers. Keeper of Valhalla.

  • Odr: The Frenzied One. Freyja’s husband. Odinn’s brother. Creator of the Kamalyen Army.

  • Oracle: A girl born with the ability to see the future. Usually receives “the sight” when her predecessor either dies or gives up her powers to live a normal life with her mate.

  • Patriarch: Ruler of an empire, leader of his city and father figure to all that live beneath his rule.

  • Promised: When a female of age (16 years) is chosen to be bride to a man who wishes to wed her, or has her hand offered to a man of the Patriarch’s choice.

  • Reaper: A warrior born of both berserker blood and oracle blood. More fierce and less in control of his beast than the other Lykarthians.

  • Screechers: Vicious, wingless gargoyle-like creatures who prey on the defenseless. They get their name from the screeching sounds they make when preparing to attack their victims. Their claws contain a poison that works quickly to subdue their prey and if left untreated, a scratch from a screecher will kill its victim in a matter of only a few hours. They are quick in short bursts, but distance is their enemy.

  • Valhalla: Hall of the Slain. Resting place for those who were killed in battle.

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