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Walk Away or Try Harder?

Quote of the Day:

I posted this quote on my author profile this morning and it got me to thinking. Again. It could apply to many aspects of life and many different situations, but this is where it hit me today...

I've had a rough go of things over the last couple years. With the extended writer's block after Given's release, and then all the changes going on in my personal life, I gave serious consideration to walking away from writing.

Whether it was permanent or just until things settle down, I didn't know. I just felt like everything was working against me; like it was a sign that I wasn't supposed to continue on this journey.

I felt devastated at just the thought of giving up on all the stories still floating around in my head. Leaving things so unfinished irritates me beyond all reason, but there is nothing I can do if the words aren't coming.

My beast, being the super-supportive man he is, told me he was behind me, whatever I decided. He encouraged me to take a break to refuel my writing mojo, but never once suggested I quit completely.

My insider/bestie understood my struggle, but she reminded me that this is my dream, my passion. She pointed out that if the thought of giving it up bothers me so much, walking away is not an option.

Sure, things are working against me in some areas, but I've discovered that life is all about timing. Not yours, but fate...God...the universe. Whatever you believe in.

The struggle to write may be weighing on me now, but I plan to push through this. It may take me longer than I want it to, but I will get where I want to be; in life and my passions.

So, here's what I leave you with:

If you have a healthy passion for anything, never give up on it. Find a way to make it work, even if life keeps throwing you curve balls. The passion is there for a reason.

💋Melaina Rayne

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