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Word Count Goals

A little while back, I hit a wall with my writing. Again. According to my insider and my beast, I needed to do one of two things. Either take a break and refuel, or just play around with something not on my publishing radar while I wait to get my writing mojo back.

In comes a short story birthed from a dream. Go figure. A story inspired by one of my crazy, vivid dreams.

I tinkered with it for a while before I decided to set a word count goal. Today was the deadline, and surprise, surprise! I actually reached my goal! I'm nowhere near finished with the story, but by the time I do finish, this little short story will be a novella. Good news is, depending on how it turns out in the end, I may actually publish it on kindle one day.

Until then, I'm just gonna enjoy writing this little story, and hope the words keep coming. But first. I'm gonna take a short break and refuel.

Until next time,

♥ Mel


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