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It's Live! 

(August 8, 2019)


Assertion Trials is live! Get it on your favorite online book store now! I hope you enjoy Shala's story. :) 

New Release Date 

(June 3, 2019)


Super excited! Shala's story has been through it's final round of edits and officially has a release date! Assertion Trials is coming to print and eBook

August 6, 2o19!

Author Interview

(April 10, 2019)


I recently got a chance to be interviewed by blogger Dove Winters, and the interview is now live on her blog. Check it out:

Questions That Matter by Dove Winters

♥ Melaina Rayne

Book News

(April 3, 2019)


Happy April, natives! A lot of amazing things are happening right now. For one...I get to work with this amazing editor I've heard some of my favorite authors raving about. In fact, the date is set and my next book will be in her hands this month!


If you followed the WILDER blog series, you'll be happy to know that the story I'm talking about is Shala's story. Yep. If the stars align just right, it will be available in both eBook and paperback this summer!

♥ Melaina Rayne

Happy New Year  

(January 1, 2019)


Every end marks a new beginning. Say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019. We don't know what's in store for us in the coming year, but isn't it nice to start fresh? I look forward to all the changes coming, and I hope this year is more productive than the last.

May your year be filled with good health, good fortune, and an abundance of happiness.


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