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first edition - June 2013

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The Jagara Tribes - book One

An awakening like none she could ever imagine is coming for Ali Sumaro. Not only will she discover a world she never knew existed, but she will finally understand the dreams that have plagued her since she was a child.


​Nicolai Montez has waited all his life for his female to come into her awakening and her mind to reach for his. Now that the day has come, Nicolai discovers that his mate has no idea of her Jaguar heritage, and it is up to him to tell her the truth before the full change comes to her.


Ali's presence in their homeland stirs the Jagara's long quiet enemies and brings forth the threat to the very existence of the Jagara people.

Paperback Includes Bonus Material:

The Betrayal 

(Jagara Tribes prequel)


Lost Zendori  is temporarily unavailable. It is getting an overhaul. The updated version will include a new blurb, a new cover, and bonus material. Updates are coming soon!