Lost Zendori excerpt

Nicolai paced back and forth in his brother’s sitting room, thinking about the beautiful woman he had dreamed of. She was perfect. Long and lean, with smooth, toned muscles. Her hair hung down her back, with its shades of blonde ranging from so pale it was almost white all the way to a deep orange-brown…but it was her fierce golden eyes that had struck him hardest.




He turned to see D’mitri striding into the room. He greeted his brother, “Hello, irmão?”


“It has been too long,” D’mitri said, approaching him.


They briefly touched their foreheads together before they sat down on the couch.


“It is so good to see you,” Nicolai said with a smile. “And your English is better.”


“Yes. I try.”


D’mitri was the last in their family to learn English. He had never seen a point in it. He had spent most of his life in or near Barizya and had never had the desire to stray too far from home, until Nicolai had started bringing things back from the States and showing his brother pictures of places he’d been.


Being a pilot for a company that flew wealthy business men and women all over the States, and sometimes to Europe, or to private getaways in South America, wasn’t something Nicolai had planned when he first decided to go to school and get his pilot’s license, but he enjoyed what he did. His job took him to places he may not have been able to see if he’d decided to fly commercially.


D’mitri wanted to go with Nicolai the next time he flew to the States, but he was worried about leaving their father. Father had Kaela, but D’mitri didn’t feel right about leaving her there to deal with Burian on one of his bad days. Yes, taking care of Burian and his home was part of what Kaela did, but to leave her to possibly deal with such an emotionally taxing thing, wasn’t fair to her.


Kaela wasn’t only Burian’s nurse and housekeeper. She was like the daughter Burian never had. She’d come to live with them when she was young. Burian had taken her in, taking care of her like he had the rest of them.


About two years ago, while Nicolai was away in Italy, his father had become ill. After the man’s brief sickness, he wasn’t the same. His memory started to slip, and he didn’t always know who or where he was. D’mitri had taken him in to keep watch over him since Nicolai was rarely home. When it was obvious he would never be the same, Kaela had made the decision to stay and help D’mitri care for Burian, instead of moving away and starting a life of her own.


Burian had his days of total confusion, but more often than not, he was quite well. Trying to distract himself from the restless feeling that was nearly impossible to shake, Nicolai asked his brother, “How is our pai?”


“He is well. He still sleeps.”


Nicolai leaned back on the couch and tried to relax, but his nerves wouldn’t allow it.


D’mitri eyed him for a moment before asking, “How are you, irmão? What brings you this early?”


Nicolai sighed.


“What is wrong?”


“My thoughts are with another.” Nicolai lifted his eyes back to his brother, and when D’mitri frowned, he said hoarsely, “I dream of her.”


D’mitri’s eyes widened. “Verdade?” he breathed.


Nicolai nodded.


“How is your tie? Do you speak to her?”


Nicolai shook his head. He had tried to connect with her, but so far, no response had come.


“Do not worry, brother,” D’mitri assured him, “It will come soon.”







Copyright © 2013-2020 Melaina Rayne. All rights reserved.


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