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Lost Zendori (2023) cover image

Jagara book #1

First Edition - June 2013

Expanded Edition - 11.14.23

Available on kindleunlimited

Plagued by terrifying dreams, Ali Sumaro often endured intense panic attacks. To avoid embarrassment, she preferred to hide out in her apartment and suffer alone. No sense dragging other people into her chaos. But one day, everything changed. The nightmares were replaced by glorious, breathtaking dreams.

Relieved by the arrival of his mate dreams, Nicolai Montez was floored by his mate’s beauty. She was perfect. All except for one major detail. She was raised human. She knew nothing of her Jagara heritage, and it was up to Nicolai to tell her the truth before the final stage of her awakening.

NOTE: Lost Zendori was previously published in 2013. It has been rewritten and repackaged. There is a ton of new material.

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